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Armourshake Roofing Shingles

Premium Designer Shingles

City, Chalet, Countryside: Get Rustic Charm from Armourshake Shingles
Get the look of a wooden shake roof with Class A Fire Resistance Rating. Armourshake shingles give you the same subtle variances and intricate designs you’d expect from hand-cut cedar shakes.

Using deep cuts and elite color technology, the laminate shingle gives you the look of wooden shakes without yearly maintenance efforts.

Here’s What You Can Expect From Armourshake Shingles:

  • Top-of-the-line-roofing technology characteristic of Premium Designer Shingles; and a heavy weight to defend against storms and wind.
  • Deflection of harsh sunlight and algae, so your shake shingles won’t fade, warp or break. Instead, Armourshake shingles may maintain a good-as-new appearance years after installation.
  • Avoid any maintenance to keep the same natural look of wooden shakes.

Amourshake Shingles work even more beautifully with the PRO4 Roofing System’s top-shelf residential roofing products: like ArmourGard Ice and Water Protector (for eave protection).