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Brava Cedar Shakes

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BRAVA’S Cedar Shake offers an authentic hand-split cedar shake roof, in a maintenance-free synthetic material. The charm and beauty of a natural hand-split cedar shake roof has long been limited byits inability to stand the test of time against Mother Nature. With BRAVA’S Cedar Shake product, you can now have the beautiful look of a cedar shake roof you’ve always desired without any of the maintenance.

  • LONG-LASTING PERFORMANCE – backed by a 50-year limited warranty, BRAVA is designed to withstand even the most severe weather, boasting a Class 4 impact resistance rating (the highest hail performance certification recognized in the industry), Miami Dade approval, wind protection in excess of 110 MPH and either Class C or Class A fire rating.
  • EASE OF INSTALL – at only 355 pounds per square, BRAVA Cedar Shake allows for easy installation without the need for costly structural modifications or special installation techniques.
  • DURABLE – BRAVA’s proprietary formulation ensures virtually no breakage. This extreme durability surpasses that of its natural counterparts, as well as other synthetics, where breakage in shipping and installation can be a very costly concern.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Made in the USA, BRAVA uses recycled material to create a beautiful and durable roof that itself is fully recyclable.


BRAVA Cedar Shake Specifications

BRAVA Roof Tile offers a complete line of synthetic architectural roofing products in natural profiles including: Spanish Tile, multi-width Cedar Shake, and Slate roofing. Each product line is composed of durable yet lightweight and environmentally friendly material, which combine to provide authentic beauty with long-lasting performance and total peace of mind.