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Crown Slate Shingles

Stately Charm: Fit For The Most Exclusive Properties
For shingle quality that effortlessly improves the curb appeal of your home, Crowne Slate shingles are the premier Premium Designer shingle, giving you a near perfect slate roof look.

Crowne Slate’s individual pieces are more distinct (with minimum blending) for ultimate luxury and head-turning curb appeal. Each piece is cut to simulate your local stone–just choose your color.

Stabilized with additional premium roofing elements, Crowne Slate shingles are long-lasting. Feel confident in their durability against heavy snow, wind and hail, water penetration and extreme heat.

Who Will Be Able To Tell Your Roof Isn’t Real Slate?

  • With impressive color schemes, you can choose a shingle that looks like it came from your local quarry (and only you will know it cost substantially less).
  • Enjoy roofing product quality that lasts for years—even amongst the worst weather.
  • And yet you still won’t need to find a contractor who can install slate; any certified roofing contractor can install Crowne Slate Shingles.
Crown Slate Shingles